About Us

Established in October 2020 and originally known as Eco Ranger Larne, Eco Rangers NI began "litterally" with one man and his dog. Abe Agnew BEM and his faithful dog Bobbie are a regular sight in Larne and surrounding areas brandishing the famous Eco Ranger blue bags and orange hi-vis vest. 

The group soon grew and now has over 100 active volunteers as well as hundreds more supporters operating mainly within the Mid and East Antrim area.

What we do

Armed with gloves, bags, and a determination to make a difference, our volunteers collect an average of 300 bags of litter every month (that's over 11 tonnes a year!). Our efforts not only help beautify the local surroundings but also raise awareness about the importance of responsible waste disposal and the detrimental effects of litter on wildlife and ecosystems.

Litter picking is not just about improving the environment, it also offers many personal advantages. By working together, we cultivate a feeling of friendship and community. Litter picking, especially in a group, can improve both physical and mental well-being. At Eco Rangers NI, we firmly believe that safeguarding the environment goes beyond being a social obligation; it can also enrich your social life enormously. There's always something happening with Eco Rangers NI - check out our Events page for a flavour of what we do!

Through our community engagement, Eco Rangers NI aims to inspire individuals of all ages to take action and do their part in preserving the natural beauty of Northern Ireland.