Eco Art

A local artist teams up with Eco Rangers to raise awareness through sculpture.

In January 2023 we were accompanied on a litter pick by Fiona, an Art student who was working on an installation on Biodiversity and the impact of litter on wildlife. Fiona was shocked at the amount of litter on our beaches and felt it important to use her work to draw attention to this issue. She contacted Eco Rangers NI, and we were delighted to help. We arranged litter picks along the Carrickfergus shoreline to gather materials and during the picks discussed with her the impact that marine litter has on the environment.

Fiona used the marine waste collected during our litter pick to create her artwork, combining the ugliness of the litter with beautiful clay sculptures of birds and animals. The piece is dramatic and challenging, showing the very real impact that waste has on wildlife.

We were honoured to be invited to Bloomfield Collegiate to see the final piece on display, where it will remain for several months.