Larne Lough Deep Clean

Eco Rangers undertake a long overdue deep clean at a special protection area.

During Spring and Summer 2021, the Eco Rangers took on the mammoth task of clearing years of historic litter and dumping that was polluting Larne Lough.

Larne Lough is an area designated as an area of special scientific interest, a special protection area, and a Ramsar site to protect the wetland environment, particularly due to the presence of certain bird species and shellfish. Unfortunately, it had become widely polluted, with huge quantities of waste dumped, including metal, rubber and plastics, all of which posed significant dangers to the local wildlife.

The Eco Rangers carried out an intensive clean of the area, removing tonnes of waste, including some 75 shopping trollies as well as traffic cones, tyres and other waste. We have been overjoyed to see the difference our work has made, with local people able to safely enjoy the area and many species of bird and sea life returning and successfully breeding here again.

Unfortunately, as illegal dumping continues at this site it's an ongoing project for Eco Rangers NI.